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Black Powder Rifle Cartridge Ram Bash


Match capacity is limited.  Preregister by email or phone.  Walk-ins accepted on match day on a space available basis.

Range 5
First Saturday of Each Month
Practice: 9:00 AM
Match starts: 10:00 AM

Covered Firing Line. - Match Fired Rain or Shine

Entry Fee: $15.00

Please bring your spotting scope if you have one.

Course of Fire: 40 shots off hand at full size 500m ram - Distance 200 yds.

Arms and Ammunition: Any rifle (except Scheutzen or Bolt action) designed and chambered for blackpowder metallic cartridge or typical reproduction thereof.  Metallic sights, vernier or ladder or reproduction thereof that is typical of the time period. No slings, scopes or tube sights allowed. Fixed cartridges of 32 caliber or larger with a cast or swaged LEAD bullet propelled by any safe smokeless powder, blackpowder, pyrodex or duplex charge may be used

No jacketed or gas check bullets allowed!

More Information:
Augie Kowalik 1-804-836-7284 or Bill James 1-804-304-8902

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