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Conventional High Power

Range 5

Match Begins at 9:00 am

Entry Fee: $15.00 non-members. $12.00 Cavalier members.

Registration: Email to match director.

Rules: NRA rules and NRA classifications will apply.

Course of fire: 200 yard reduced National Match course.

Targets and scoring sheets are supplied:

  1. Offhand Slow Fire: 20 rounds in 20 minutes. Target: SR
  2. Rapid Fire Sitting: 20 rounds in 2 stages, each 10 rounds in 60 seconds.  Target: SR
  3. Rapid Fire Prone: 20 rounds in 2 stages, each 10 rounds in 70 seconds.  Target: SR-42 (300 yards reduced to 200 yards)
  4. Slow Fire Prone: 20 rounds in 20 minutes. Target: MR-52 (600 yards reduced to 200 yards).

Awards: Cash awards determined by the number of competitors.

Match Director: Robert B. Hamlett


Additional Information

Gear Required:

  • Rifle - Service rifle or match rifle with iron sights, usually .308Win, 30/06, .223Rem.  Service rifle (AR15/M16 service type, M1A(M14), M1, may be National Match).  Match rifle (Ex: Rem. 40X, Spr. 1903, AR15 flattop, AR10B, Swedish Mauser, M1C). Match rifles MUST be capable of 10 shot rapid fire string with 1 clip/magazine change. Rifle should have a sling.
  • Ammunition - Bring 100 -  110 rounds.
  • At leas 2 magazines or clips, 4 to 6 is best, must hold 5 or more rounds.
  • ECI (empty chamber indicator) or OBI (open bolt indicator). The match director has extras.
  • Eye and Ear protection.
  • Positive attitude

Gear Recommended:

  • Spotting scope - 25 - 30 power.
  • Shooting mat - a piece of carpet will work
  • Clip board / Pen / Staple gun / Staples
  • Buff pasters / black pasters / scoring plug (The match director has some.


NRA membership number should be brought if you are a NRA member. NRA membership is NOT required to compete.  Non-Cavalier members are welcome to shoot the match, however this does NOT allow them the use of Cavalier facilities other than participating in the match.


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