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If you were a member of Cavalier prior to 2015 and had provided Cavalier with a valid email address, you probably have an account on the system.  Your userid would be the email that you provided Cavalier with your membership.  The initial password was set to the gate key number (no leading zero's).  If you have logon to the system and changed your password, please use the password you used when you changed it.  If you attempt to log-in but the password fails, please use the "Forgot Password" to go through the secure password recovery process.

Existing Users Log In

If you are a member that has joined the club after 2015, or did not have email before that date, you will need to register for access.  The registration is only needed once.  If you do not know if you are registered or have forgotten you password or userid, use the "Forgot Password" link above.

New User Registration