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Military Issue Rifle

Range 5

Second Sunday of Each Month

Sight-in Time: 0900

This is not a public event. Only CAVRPC members and their guests may participate.

Safety: NRA safety rules will be observed.  Only load rifle by command of safety office.  Keep finger off the trigger till sights are on the target.  Use open bolt indicators while not on the firing line.  There will be absolutely no handling of rifles while anyone is downrange.  Observe the posted speed limit on Boondock Lane when entering the range.

Equipment: Any military rifle issued to regular infantry troops (ours or theirs) prior to 1945.  Maximum allowed caliber is 46.  All rifles must be in original configuration, as issued.  Custom configured stocks, enhanced sights, triggers or other competition parts are not allowed.  No steel core ammo and all ammo must be checked with a magnet.  Shooters are responsible for making sure their ammo will not unnecessarily damage the rifle targets.  Spotting scope is suggested.

Target: Silhouette 24" X 18", hung on chains at 300 yards.

Scoring: Hits will be confirmed and recorded by spotters.

Course of Fire:  In order, shooters will engage target with 10 rounds, standing unsupported in 2 strings of fire for a total of 20 rounds.  Prizes will be bragging rights and random drawing.  Multiple entries are allowed, time permitting.  Semi-autos issued prior to 1950 are allowed to shoot a separate course.  Shooters will engage target with 8 rounds, standing unsupported, in 2 strings of fire for a total of 16 rounds in 45 seconds.

Entry fee: $5.00 per shooter

Contact: T. White -