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Range Improvement Plans

Fellow Cavalier Members,

Our new permit with Hanover County allows for several improvements in the operations and facilities of Cavalier.  Some items were of immediate benefit, and others are available for future construction if desired.

The first project is installation of new bays on range five to improve the utility.  These new bays would be adjacent to range five and be available for matches and general use.  These bays will allow the matches that are currently shot downrange to move to the new bays, freeing up the long range for general member use on most weekends.  IDPA, USPSA, and Three Gun will move.  High Power Rifle will remain on the fourth Saturday, and Ram Bash and High Power Silhouette will remain on the first Saturday. If you have ever not been able to shoot on range five because of a match, this will free up the range on most weekend days for general use.

The board has authorized the sale of up to $350,000.00 in bonds to pay for these improvements.  The January 25, 2017 annual meeting at the Montpelier Center will offer the membership a chance to vote on the sale of these bonds.  If approved, the bonds will be offered to club members first.  The sale would extend our current $100.00 annual assessment, but not increase it.

Other benefits of the permit include:

  • lifting the membership cap allowing up to 70 additional members per year
  • elimination of a limit of 35 nonmembers per day for matches
  • elimination of match participation record keeping and reporting
  • allowing matches on additional Sundays and locations on the range
  • possible extension of ranges one and two to 200 yards
  • approval to build a clubhouse and possible indoor range
  • approval to build a picnic pavilion

Please join me at the annual meeting to vote on the bond sales and join in the discussion.   I look forward to seeing you there.


Samuel B. Edwards

Cavalier Rifle and Pistol Club, Vice President