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Visitors are welcome at CRPC as invited guest of members or as participants in our public events.

Basic Rules for All Visitors

  • 10 MPH Speed Limit: The speed limit on Boondock Lane and Range Road is 10 mph.  This speed limit must be adhered to by all visitors to the range.
  • A club member must be present at all times and accompany their guest on the range.
  • No loaded firearms are allowed on the range property except on the firing line.
    • Cartridge firearms shall not be loaded in any fashion until the muzzle is pointed down range on an established range.
    • The action of all firearms shall be opened at all times when not on the firing line and when a "Cease Fire" order is in effect.
    • There shall be no handling of firearms on the firing line in any fashion when someone is down range.
    • Concealed firearms may be loaded and holstered on your person while on the property.
    • Concealed carry firearms must be unloaded before coming to the firing line if they are to be fired.
  • No one is to be forward of the firing line unless a "Cease Fire" order has been given.
  • Firing shall not be resumed until the "Commence Fire" order has been given.
  • There shall be no shooting on the range property except at targets approved by the Board of Directors that are mounted in appropriate frames.
  • All projectiles must impact into the backstop.
  • All targets and other materials must be removed from the range and appropriately disposed of when shooting is finished.
  • No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed before or during shooting activities.  No alcoholic beverages shall be on the firing line or beyond any parking area.  Alcohol consumption is limited to the designated camping area of the property only.
  • Individual, specific rules for each range are posted and must be followed at all times.